We have established two Centres in Kenya to provide a range of services needed by the community and have been awarded Certificates of Registration for Basic Education Institution under the Ministry of Education. To meet the educational needs of our students we have:

Special education

Special educational program with Individualized educational plan (IEP) to meet the students’ needs based on the student’s development rather than predetermined expectations based on grade level in a non-restrictive environment

Feeding program

Provision of two meals per day includes breakfast and lunch to each of our students. This is to ensure that they have adequate nutrition and are able attend classroom activities. In addition, those who suffer or are at risk of malnourishment are given an additional peanut butter supplement.


We facilitate the school attendance of our special students by offering bus service that collects them at various stops in the morning and drops them off in the afternoon. Students come from far away and have scant resources for other means of transportation. In addition, many have developmental deficits or conditions (i.e. cerebral palsy) that prevent them walking to the Centre.