Implementation of Joint Emergency Intervention Plan

Following the signing of the M.O.U with the County Government of Kajiado, we embarked on implementing the joint emergency program that seeks to prevent regression in the progress made in 360 children with mental conditions and Syndromes in the areas of rehabilitation, stimulation and academic skills.

So far for the program we have;

  1. Recruited 18 special school teachers
  2. Recruited a data collection and entry person who will
  3. Assessed the first group of 104 students
  4. Purchased learning, rehabilitation and physical activities items and materials thanks to Project funding from the Embassy of Ireland in Kenya and Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver , Rome Italy.
  5. Started with first group of 90 students on the 7 th of September 2020

Through this joint emergency program, we will have prevented regression in the lives of 360 students with special needs; additionally give relief to over 360 parents/guardians and 20 teachers who are also affected by the consequence of this pandemic.

This will help ensure that we have not left behind persons with disabilities as we fight against this pandemic.