Disability Expo 2019

On the 10 th of July 2019 we had our 4th Anniversary celebrations since the opening of our Centre in Kandisi.

We marked this day with a disability expo with an objective to champion for an inclusive society.

For this reason we invited nearby primary schools, universities and members of the local community to come, learn and know the different types of disability, services, treatment and progress that a person can achieve if they receive the right opportunities and support and also discover the different ways on how to help persons living with these conditions.

We had a positive answer from them with a turnout of over 600 people and seven local media houses.

We celebrated progress in breaking down barriers, opening doors, and realizing an inclusive society for all and also the contribution people with disability make to our community.

Thank you to our donors for the continued help and support and the local media houses which have made it possible for us to create awareness for the promotion of self -reliance and inclusion.