The Orione Community Training Centre (OCTC) is a charitable organization founded and run by the Sons of Divine Providence community of the Catholic Church. The Sons of Divine Providence is a Roman Catholic religious institute founded in Italy in 1893 by Luigi Orione (1872-1940). Under the charisma of their founder, The Sons of Divine Providence have dedicated their lives to help the poor, the young, the elderly, the sick and people with disabilities. The OCTC Kenya was founded in 2005 and has evolved over the last 14 years into a symbol of inclusion for the children and youth with intellectual disabilities who are usually treated as a “stigma” by the Kenyan society. The center has promoted and provided a reason to give them relevance, hope and potential value to their community.

Our Mission

Expand the promotion and inclusion of children and youth with disabilities while providing them with Christian values, quality education and rehabilitation. Influence and support society to achieve initial inclusion actions while sharing expertise in the educational approach.

Our Vision

An institution of living Christian testimony and excellence in providing significant improvement to the development of children with intellectual disability, while supporting their integration into the society

The Orione Community Training Center is duly registered under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology – State Department of Education under registration number MOEST/A/27265.

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Child Protection Policy